Friday, 2 March 2012

2ND MARCH 2012

Good morning everyone it is sunny here in South Devon I still not sure anyone is reading this so please pardon the delayed blog.  If I can see people reading it or suggesting stuff for the blog this might just encourage me.

More new music should be with me later today to go on to EBay.  Includes ABBA, Agnetha Faltskog, Frida, Etta James, Phil Lynott and hopefully The monkees!  Of course Davy Jones and Etta James who passed away recently  both will be reasonably priced. 

ABBA will be releasing their first single for 18 years in April think around the 23rd found in the vaults! It's called twinkling star to a passing angel. Also re-releasing there last final studio album The Visitors on the same date hopefully as no mention in the key releases in Music Week.  The CD chosen for the shop was The Visitors.

I see another new release on Monday 5th March is the Military wives In my dreams you will have to support your local indie shop or  put some money in to the banks of HMV for this one!  Also Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking ball out on Monday as well! some back catalogue of Bruce in the shop. 

I mentioned the postage for worldwide being reviewed by me.  I have a feeling the increase will be April as VAT may  go onto postage stamps.  It is already on some services. I won't put it up to I have to.  It is probably between Australia & U.S my top worldwide buyers.  Europe wise seem to suggest Germany as top CD buyers.

Think that is all for now please feel free to comment.

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