Tuesday, 15 January 2013

15th January 2013

Hello from Brixham! Happy New Year to you all.

The big news today is HMV going into administration. Not a great shock but I hope a buyer is found as its important for music to have a place on the high street. Probably will need to be downsized by a lot we have a HMV in Torquay I wished they had a bigger specialist section, less gadgets and Vinyl records. I think it will survive in some form as there are still a lot of people wanting physical product. We will wait and see what happens before writing its obituary column!

Onto news about Cdmusicrow on EBay . I now have over 1800 items including CDs, DVDs, vinyl and t shirts. It does take a lot of my time but hoping to reach the target of at least 2000 items. Looking at making some changes to the EBay shop front to make it more interactive. I want more people to get involved through this blog, twitter and Facebook. If you have any comments please do let's hear them.

Since I begun over 2 years I have sold over 4500 items I think that this is a great achievement and hope to continue for a long time to come. I would like to ask if you buy something from me and you are not satisfied please do get in touch first before leaving neutral or negative as I think it's only polite.

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