Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy New Year to all friends and bloggers. 

Last year I can report that I sold 1089 Items across eBay & Amazon. Although eBay is the main point of sale as only 66 Items were processed through Amazon I will continue with Amazon for now.

Here is the Business Card for 2016!!

The message this year is tell your friends and please pass our details on to them to help us push the sales upwards.  The more observant of you will notice WordPress Blog coming soon still the aim to hopefully launch this in 2016 with a marketplace attached to it definitely with a link to the eBay store.

CDMUSICROW is on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. The details are on the above card. Please come and like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and if you have a business come and connect with  us on LinkedIn it does not cost anything! I like to share and retweet and a SOLD ON, #CDMUSICROWTrackoftheDay features are among the items I offer, Just type in #CDMUSICROW into Facebook or Twitter previous items should appear!

I am interested and thinking about a Facebook group for friends of CDMusicrow perhaps a daily chit chat discussing Business, tips, music, eBay, Amazon or whatever subject suits the day.  As long as we have fun respect others opinions there would be very few rules.

On the selling front I have reintroduce the International Standard postage to eBay as well as the International Tracked & Signed postage already offered.  I will refund the different as I have one standard rate to European buyers. An extra charge of 10p for packaging is levied for CDS higher for records but I aim to be fair for post & packing costs.

For the time being I'm going to wish you all Happy New Year please come and find us on social media and visit us  at CDMUSICROW STORE

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

CDMUSICROW news update 30 Dec 2015

Hi!! I will be posting regular updates throughout 2015!

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See you in 2015 Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

27th August 2013

Hello and Welcome to CDmusicrow News Blog on Blogger!! For those that have come across this by accident I sell Cd's, DVDs, Vinyl Singles & Albums plus a few other related items - Link at the bottom of the page!!

Well I have managed to get over 2000 items onto EBay since I last posted something in January on here selling on average 4-6 items a day.  Really like to see 10% of my stock going each month on EBay but may pick up from September. I hope they sort out their maintenance problems surely they must have back-ups etc fees have technically gone up as a featured shop is now £59.99.  Still no real alternatives though would like my own website with shopping cart but would be expensive to set up correctly.  Have been trying play trade for a while in my opinion prices are to cheap as certain companies sell Cd's for 98p including postage.  How is that done then yes if it is digipak under 100g that is 90p plus you have your packaging + 10% fee.  Most of my used stock on Play trade is £2.00 and struggles to sell so I might be calling time on Play trade!! At the end of the day EBay is still better at selling Buy it Now items think I would have the same problems with Amazon regarding pricing.

Introducing Sale of the Day on both Face book and Twitter for my daily sales on EBay think this is a good way to self promote the stock!! Looking at other ideas as well so stay tuned.

That's about all for now folks will try to post more often but see how it goes.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

15th January 2013

Hello from Brixham! Happy New Year to you all.

The big news today is HMV going into administration. Not a great shock but I hope a buyer is found as its important for music to have a place on the high street. Probably will need to be downsized by a lot we have a HMV in Torquay I wished they had a bigger specialist section, less gadgets and Vinyl records. I think it will survive in some form as there are still a lot of people wanting physical product. We will wait and see what happens before writing its obituary column!

Onto news about Cdmusicrow on EBay . I now have over 1800 items including CDs, DVDs, vinyl and t shirts. It does take a lot of my time but hoping to reach the target of at least 2000 items. Looking at making some changes to the EBay shop front to make it more interactive. I want more people to get involved through this blog, twitter and Facebook. If you have any comments please do let's hear them.

Since I begun over 2 years I have sold over 4500 items I think that this is a great achievement and hope to continue for a long time to come. I would like to ask if you buy something from me and you are not satisfied please do get in touch first before leaving neutral or negative as I think it's only polite.

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Friday, 28 December 2012

28th December 2012

28th December 2012
Good Morning from a dreary Brixham I am beginning to wonder when the sun is going to  shine again! I have a question today from Mark in the  United States from my EBay messages.
Some years ago, I was listening to some of my parents' old LP records. I happened to discover the very most beautiful rendition of "Where Or When" that I've ever heard. For the life of me, I wish that I'd noted the names of the singers and orchestra! Recently, I've been trying (and failing) to find/identify that particular recording / performance / rendition / version. It was done by an orchestra, possibly with "strings", a vocal group, a male lead singer, and, possibly, a female lead singer. This performance and recording must date to the 1940s or 1950s. I can't believe that it's not the standard, most famous rendition. Unfortunately, it spoiled me for anything else. (I, for one, am underwhelmed by Peggy Lee's version.) Any chance that you know which recording I'm talking about?

Well I searched the web cause I am not older to know and I came up Leona Horne. Can anyone else come up with any other names it could be? No prizes for any right answer just a bit of fun to re-start the Blog.

A mix year sales wise on EBay but for now I will keep going like to go multichannel onto amazon and will be looking at HMV marketplace as this does seem an obvious choice to sell music. Digital does impact it but still think there is enough people out there wanting the physical format. Around 65 / 35 split at the moment according to Music Week. As it is to continue to be a part time project / business then it does seem to be a lot of hard work to do this.

The Blog will be back regularly in 2013 I will make a better effort to write a bit more so stay tuned .... its only just begun!

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Friday, 23 March 2012


Good news I have decided to continue the blog so keep reading!

On Twitter more then Facebook and link now available from the Ebay Shopfront

So stay tuned and will be back soon with more comment.

cdmusicrow chris bryant

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I have decided to end the blog and move  over to Twitter & Facebook.



Please feel free to join me there for chat