Sunday, 26 February 2012


First the reason for no blogs is because I don't think there is much interest as still no members.  But I am prepared to try a daily blog from the 1st March and a few other ideas as well!

A Question & Answers Page but please if you have bought a CD from me please contact me via EBay if there is a problem that way I can solve it quicker!

A Review Page of some of the Cd's available would this be useful although one persons opinion is not somebody Else's!

Any other suggestions are welcome I am looking for comment on music I am wondering perhaps this is the wrong place but so is facebook and twitter.  We will see give it a whirl as it costs nothing just a little time.

I am going to have a go at reviewing some of the listings on EBay as some do not have tracks listed.  But this takes time so if there is not a track listing well worth contacting me through EBay and will respond as quickly as I can.

Most Cd's are sent within 24hours (Mon - FRI) where there is a problem I will contact the buyer via EBay.  Worldwide delivery is being reviewed as Paypal seem to suggest that it takes 3 - 5 business days to send to U.S.A and Australia. I would have thought more like 10 - 20 business days for non Europe. For Europe 5 - 10 business days sounds more like it.  But I will have a look on the Royal Mail site for guidance and will publish the details on a separate blog.  I will also see if there are any details about price rises for Europe & Worldwide normally prices seem to increase in April.

Please take a look at the shop on EBay!


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