Saturday, 3 March 2012

WEEKEND BLOG - 3/4 March 2012

Hello again from sunny Brixham.  The Cd's mentioned in yesterdays blog will not be here to Monday now.  Will hopefully put some on Monday and Tuesday morning.

One of the quietest weeks for a while on EBay I do wonder if sometimes it is working properly but I am sure it is.  Paypal continues to have the occasional postage blip so when this happens it off to the Post Office to wait in the queue or create one!

I have ruled out going to sell on other online sites for the time being.  To be honest there is only Amazon marketplace unless that CD is not there I can't see me selling it any easier then EBay. 

Time to mention a few companies that I use for supplies. 

Stormtrading for envelopes.  They seem to be strong and reliable I use the DVD Padded envelopes they have white or gold.  £25 for 300 (100 is free).  Web address is

Intocases for CD cases.  Well recommend this company as if any CD cases arrive broken they will refund you. (not postage). Based in Sunny Jersey! Web address

Think I will leave it there for now. See you all soon in the shop.

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