Tuesday, 27 August 2013

27th August 2013

Hello and Welcome to CDmusicrow News Blog on Blogger!! For those that have come across this by accident I sell Cd's, DVDs, Vinyl Singles & Albums plus a few other related items - Link at the bottom of the page!!

Well I have managed to get over 2000 items onto EBay since I last posted something in January on here selling on average 4-6 items a day.  Really like to see 10% of my stock going each month on EBay but may pick up from September. I hope they sort out their maintenance problems surely they must have back-ups etc fees have technically gone up as a featured shop is now £59.99.  Still no real alternatives though would like my own website with shopping cart but would be expensive to set up correctly.  Have been trying play trade for a while in my opinion prices are to cheap as certain companies sell Cd's for 98p including postage.  How is that done then yes if it is digipak under 100g that is 90p plus you have your packaging + 10% fee.  Most of my used stock on Play trade is £2.00 and struggles to sell so I might be calling time on Play trade!! At the end of the day EBay is still better at selling Buy it Now items think I would have the same problems with Amazon regarding pricing.

Introducing Sale of the Day on both Face book and Twitter for my daily sales on EBay think this is a good way to self promote the stock!! Looking at other ideas as well so stay tuned.

That's about all for now folks will try to post more often but see how it goes.

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