Monday, 30 January 2012


Welcome to the first regular blog of CDmusicrow. I hope you enjoy the read and may find the time to comment and become a member after all it is free to contribute. Worth mentioning at this point if you have a problem with a CD please get in touch with me via EBay.  I think it is common courtesy to give me the chance to answer problems as I am sure I can sort most of them without the use of EBay or giving a negative feedback.  There are not many perfect people I'm certainly not! I am sure you all make mistakes from time to time so always give eBay sellers a chance.

Since I started this in September 2010 I have sold over 2700 new and used Cd's through EBay so I feel a rating of 99.9% feedback is not bad but did want the 100% of course.  I intend to get it back to 100%.

The EBay shopfront has now changed to what I think is a clearer design then the last one!  This is the last time I will mention that CDmusicrow is not connected with in anyway lets says it an independent eBay shop. This web site is no longer working in any case.

New business cards are expected today to blend in with the new shop logo so will automatically replace the older ones.

I will shortly begin a test to sell Vinyl LPs  and music related material. I will give more information in due course. Some Auction listings are possible but this will be from another Ebay account as I think I will keep the Buy It Now seperate for now.  Just CDs & DVDs on the cdmusicrow shop.

So I think that wraps up the first regular blog will not be available to blog Tuesday and Wednesday but may well post on Thursday. See you then Chris

 Please take a look today at what is on offer!!!


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